Mad Dash Pop-Up Weddings

Simple + sweet, boutique chic



Looking to have a planned to perfection, unique wedding, full of handcrafted details and beautiful styling, all without breaking your piggy bank? Now you can! No, seriously…we wouldn’t dare tease you! Say hello to Mad Dash Pop-Up Weddings:  A new wedding alternative that offers mini, boutique-style ceremonies and receptions comprised of talented wedding professionals…all for a fraction of the traditional wedding price tag and zero stress. 

Any couple wanting to get married deserves to have a wedding no matter budget, schedule, or style. Our approach to weddings grants you the wedding of your dreams with little money spent and no time wasted. Each perfectly planned, stunningly styled ceremony and mini reception takes place at the Leslie-Alford Mims House, and will feature fantastic wedding professionals ready to work for you and rock your day. We don’t want couples to feel they have to run to Las Vegas or City Hall just to save a bit of sanity and wealth. Instead, we open the opportunity for couples to elope locally with class and elegance, keeping it local, dear, and original.

Pocket your money for that gorgeous little bungalow with the white picket fence! Save your sanity for parenthood! We only require you to do one thing: Show up dressed up with a few honored guests, ready to marry the love of your life. Let us take care of the specifics so you and your darling can take care of each other.

Photography Credit - Almond Leaf Studios

Photography Credit - Almond Leaf Studios



Pop-Up weddings are the quintessence of unique and chic! They are scaled down, boutique ceremonies and receptions that are intimate, genuine, and completely focused on the bride and groom. This cutting edge I-Do alternative appeals to any trendsetting, posh couple with a passion for spontaneity, putting a fanciful spin on a time-honored tradition.


Elaborate weddings aren’t for everyone. Planning alone can induce stress, complicated fuss, and warrant unwanted tension that can carelessly rob from the most important aspect of a wedding: The couple! Endless decision-making, daunting to-do lists, or fears of disappointment can steal the value of such an important day. A Pop-Up Wedding quaintly celebrates the union of two individuals and the passionate love between them, not the opinions and requests of everyone else.

Did you know the average wedding costs around $30,000? Some couples simply do not possess the cash for the long list of expenses attached to a traditional wedding. For some folks, the idea of dropping a small fortune on one day doesn’t seem logical or appealing. Instead of wiping out life savings, maxing out credit cards, or allocating gifted monies towards a colossal affair, couples may wish to gear funds towards a new home, a wistful honeymoon, or towards any other major future purchases or plans.

Pop-Up Weddings are for any couple wanting to save on time, energy, and money, without sacrificing a memorable, stylish occasion. Whether planning a first wedding, a fourth wedding, or a vow renewal, a Pop-Up Wedding is a bodacious way to effortlessly declare your love with your closest family and friends.